Project Description

TVM-A8 Vortex Mixer

제품 소개

이 기기는 고속의 작은 oscillator로써 일반적인 튜브, 원심분리기용 튜브, ELISA plate의 oscillation에 적합합니다.

제품 특징

• 초미니사이즈
• DC 브러시리스 모터로 긴 수명, 저소음
• 타이머기능이 있어 카운트다운 및 표시 가능
• 중심 균형 디자인으로 더 좋은 진동 효과. 4.5mm의 진폭
• 다른 도구 없이 쉽게 액서서리 교체


Model TVM-A8
Oscillation Mode circumferential
Turnaround diameter 4.5mm
Speed range 200-3000rpm/min,stepless speed regulating
Voltage 100~240V
Maximum Load 1.0kg
maximum Load All the fixture will be distinguished as automatic, speed limit automatic, secure and reliable, easy for operation
Timing functions and showing 1s-999min
Timing function also can be a countdown and digital showing
Speed setting and showing 0-3000rpm,Real-time digital showing for Speed and time
Driving induction and variable frequency motor (without beltwork)
Motor input power 20W
Motor output power 15W
Operator schema inching feature and consecutive operation
Dimension(MM) 210×150×69
Weight 4kg
Protection class IP 21
Standard configuration V1.1 / Standard gasket
Adaptive fixture Standard gasket, ELISA plate fixture, universal fixture (flask, tube, Centrifuge tube)


​제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
8011251 TVM-A8, Vortex mixer, shaker unit Topscien TVM-A8

Optional Blocks

Type Capacity Q’ty Remark
8011250-1 Standard gasket
triangular flask gasket
1 TVM-A8-1
8011250-2 ELISA Plat fixture 1 TVM-A8-2
8011250-3 Flacks fixture 1 TVM-A8-3
8011250-4 100-240V adapter 1 TVM-A8-4
8011250-5 Flasks gasket fixture 1 TVM-A8-5
8011250-6 Centrifuge tube adapter:
Together with 10mm ELISA Plate fixture
30 TVM-A8-6
8011250-7 Centrifuge tube adapter:
Together with 12mm ELISA Plate fixture
16 TVM-A8-7
8011250-8 Centrifuge tube adapter:
Together with 16mm ELISA Plate fixture
12 TVM-A8-8


제품 자료 tvm voltex mixer flyer.pdf Download Size: 1.86Mb