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VeriFi Polymerase & Mixes

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PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase는 cloning, site-directed mutagenesis 및 sequencing과 같은 더 높은 정확성이 요구되는 모든 PCR applications을 위해 설계된 high fidelity enzyme입니다.
이 enzyme은 3’-5’ exonuclease (proofreading) 활성을 위한 Pfu DNA polymerase 로부터 유래한 것입니다.
또한 dNTP, Mg 및 enhancer가 포함된 고급 buffer system이 제공되어 광범위한 target의 high fidelity PCR이 가능합니다.


• Taq DNA 중합 효소보다 100 배 이상 높은 충실도
• 17.5kb 이상의 복잡한 genomic templates 에서도 증가된 PCR 성공률을 보임
• GC and AT rich sequence를 포함하여 까다로운 템플릿으로부터 효율적으로 증폭 가능
• 표준 PCR 조건 (10-30 초 / kb)에서 높은 수율
• GC bias감소를 위한 고온(~100°C) 사이클링


• Long range PCR
• High fidelity PCR
• Site-directed mutagenesis
• Cloning
• Next Generation Sequencing


• -20℃

Figure 1. Versatility across a broad range of amplicon lengths
PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase amplifies the range of fragment lengths indicated with high yield and specificity. The starting template amount is 4-30ng of mouse or human genomic DNA, diluted 1.5 to 3 fold. GC content ranges from 37-55%. L:PCRBIO Ladder II.

Figure 2. Increased success rates with complex templates
Amplification of a 17.5kb fragment of the HBB gene. The starting template amount is 150ng (A and C) and 30ng (B and D) of human genomic DNA, diluted 2 fold. A 2-step PCR protocol was used with amplification at 72°C (A and B) or 68°C (C and D). GC content is 37%. PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase amplifies long fragments with yields comparable to Takara PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase. L: PCRBIO Ladder II.

Figure 3. Amplification of targets with high sensitivity and specificity compared to leading competitors
Amplification of a 1.0kb fragment of the GAPDH gene with different starting template amounts of mouse genomic DNA. A: 20ng, B: 3.2ng, C:
0.5ng, D: 0.08ng. GC content is 51%. L: PCRBIO Ladder IV. The reactions were set up following manufacturers’ recommendations. Cycling conditions were 95°C 2 min, then 30 cycles of 98°C 15 sec, 66°C 15 sec and 72°C 30 sec. PCRBIO VeriFi Polymerase displays greater sensitivity and specificity compared to leading competitors.


Cat. No. 품명 규격 제조사 비고
PB10.42-01 VeriFi Polymerase 100 Units PCRbiosystems [1 x 0.05mL 2u/µL] & [1 x 1.7mL buffer]
PB10.42-05 VeriFi Polymerase 500 Units PCRbiosystems [1 x 0.250mL 2u/µL] & [3 x 1.7mL buffer]
PB10.43-01 VeriFi Mix 100 x 50µL Reactions PCRbiosystems 2 x 1.25mL
PB10.43-05 VeriFi Mix 500 x 50µL Reactions PCRbiosystems 2 x (5 x 1.25mL)
PB10.44-01 VeriFi Mix Red 100 x 50µL Reactions PCRbiosystems 2 x 1.25mL
PB10.44-05 VeriFi Mix Red 500 x 50µL Reactions PCRbiosystems 2 x (5 x 1.25mL)
PB10.44-480 VeriFi PreMix, 8strip 480 rxns PCRbiosystems 8 strip X 12 x 5
PB10.44-480TW VeriFi PreMix, 12 strip 480 rxns PCRbiosystems 12 strip X 12 x 5