Project Description

TOS20 & TOS30 Orbital Shaker Incubator

제품 소개

TOS20/TOS30 Orbital Shaker-Incubator는 사용자 세팅 프로그램을 지원하는 소형 벤치탑 Shaking incubator입니다.
Biological liquids의 혼합은 물론 이의 Incubation과 Cultivation이 가능합니다.
7개의 상호 교환 가능한 플랫폼으로 플라스크, 페트리 접시, 튜브, Elisa plate 등에 있는 시료를 혼합하고 배양할 수 있습니다.

제품 특징


•작동 정보(time, temperature and speed)를 즉시 보여 주는 LCD screen
•부드럽고 조용한 shaking (brushless DC motor)
•안전한 작동 : 뚜껑이 열리면 자동으로 멈춤
•실험 목적에 따라 7가지 플랫폼 선택 가능
•정전시 자동 재시작
•과열 보호 장치 내장
•온도 교정 기능 내장
•컴팩트 사이즈 D421mm x W320mm


• Instantly display operation information(time, temperature, and speed) on the LCD screen.
• Gentle and reliable shaking with direct brushless DC motor.
• The incubator features an acrylic lid to allow easy visibility of and access to the samples.
• Constant temperature control ensures even temperature distribution in the chamber.
• Running safely –-heating and shaking will be automatically stopped once the lid is open.
• Auto restart in case of power failure.
• Over-heating protection device is included.
• Built-in temperature calibration function.


Description  TOS20 TOS30
Temp. control range RT.+5℃~60℃ RT.+5°C ~60°C
Temp. accuracy ≤±0.5℃(@37℃) ≤±0.5°C(@37°C)
Timing range  1min ~ 99h59min/∞ 1min ~ 99h59min/∞
Shaking range  50~300rpm 50~250rpm
Orbit  20mm 20mm
Heating time ≤15min(from 25℃ to 60℃) ≤20min(from 25°C to 60°C)
Load capacity  4.0kg  10.0kg
Platform dimension 230x230mm 350x350mm
Internal chamber height 182mm 325mm
Power 350W 600W
Voltage  AC110 or AC220V/50-60HZ AC220V or 110V/50-60Hz
Dimension(mm)  421x320x338 632x502x512
Weight(kg) 18.5 41


제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
TOS20 TOS20 Orbital Shaker-Incubator Set Ruicheng
TOS30 TOS30 Orbital Shaker-Incubator Set Ruicheng

Optional Block

Description TOS20
PF-1  Platform with clamps for 5×250ml conical flask
PF-2  Platform with clamps for 9×100ml conical flask
PF-3  Platform with clamps for 10×50ml tube
PF-4  Platform with clamps for 18×15ml tube
PF-5  Platform with spring holder
PF-6  Platform for 4pcs Elisa plates or deep-well plates
PF-7  Flat platform for 5pcs Petri dishes
Description TOS30
TOS30-T1 Platform with clamps for 9×250ml conical flask
TOS30-T2 Platform with clamps for 25×100ml conical flask
TOS30-T3 Flat platform for 16pcs Petri dishes
TOS30-T4 Platfrom with spring holder


제품자료 TOS20 flyer.pdf Download Size: 646kb
제품자료 TOS30 flyer.pdf Download Size: 809kb