Project Description

Creative Biogene Premade Stable cell line

제품 소개

Creative Biogene’s cell lines are generated by plasmid transfection/lentivirus transduction, selection of stable cells, colony picking, expression, and functional screening, and final validation of construct expression by real-time qRT-PCR or Western blot analysis.

제품 특징

• Experienced: 설계에서 납품까지 모든 과정을 경험이 풍부한 연구자들이 관리
• Cost effective: 모든 요구사항은 충족하면서도 경쟁력 있는 가격으로 연구 비용 절감
• Reliable cell products: 신뢰할 수 있는 제품을 제공하여 시간 절약 및 연구 속도 향상
• Broad cell types: HEK293, Hela, CHO, U2OS 등 다양한 세포 유형 제공


1. Gene knockdown Stable Cell Lines

• Studying gene’s function and regulation mechanism
• Designing diseases models for treatment
• Applied in biopharmaceutical research and drug discovery

2. Gene Knockout Stable Cell Lines

• Gene editing with CRISPR/Cas9
• Studying gene functions
• Designing disease models
• Applied in biopharmaceutical research
• Screening drugs

3. Gene Overexpression

• Cas9 Stable Cell Lines
• Coronavirus Receptor Stable Cell Lines
• GPCR Stable Cell Lines
• Immune Receptor Stable Cell Lines
• Ion Channel Stable Cell Lines

4. miRNA Overexpression Stable Cell Lines

• Cell proliferation
• Differentiation
• Apoptosis
• Stress response
• Tumorigenesis

Premade Stable cell line

Cat No. Product Name
CSC-RO0641 Human ACE2 Stable Cell Line – HEK293T
CSC-RO0292 Human ACE2 Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-RO0642 Human ACE2 Stable Cell Line – A549
CSC-RO0293 Human ACE2 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-RO0289 Human ACE2 Stable Cell Line – HeLa
CSC-RO0030 Cas9 Stable Cell Line-HepG2
CSC-RO0124 Human BCR-ABL Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0125 Human BCR-ABL-T315I Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0203 Human FLT3 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-RO0068 Mouse FLT3 Stable Cell Line-CHO-K1
CSC-RO0132 Human EGFR-DEL19/T790M/C797S Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0135 Human EGFR-H773_V774insNPH Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0284 Human LMNA-NTRK1 Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0127 Human EGFR-C797S Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0375 Human FGFR2-BICC1 Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0374 Human FGFR3-TACC3 Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0240 Human FLT3-ITD Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0302 Human EGFR-A763_Y764insFQEA Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0126 Human EGFR Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0138 Human EGFR-L858R/T790M Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0204 Monkey(Cyno) FLT3 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-RO0400 Human KIF5B-RET-G810R Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0348 Human KIT-D816Y Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0128 Human EGFR-D770_N771insSVD Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0394 Human KIF5B-RET Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0398 Human KIF5B-RET-V804M Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0362 Human ETV6-NTRK2 G639R Stable Cell Line-BaF3
CSC-RO0428 Human TPR-MET Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0658 Human TPR-MET F1200I Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0656 Human TPR-MET D1228N Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0455 Human EGFR T790M/C797S/L858R Stable Cell Line-NCI-H1975
CSC-RO0456 Human EGFR-Del19/T790M/C797S Stable Cell Line – PC-9
CSC-RO0131 Human EGFR-DEL19/T790M Stable Cell Line – Ba/F3
CSC-RO0139 Human EGFR-L858R/T790M/C797S Stable Cell Line – Ba/F3
CSC-RO0306 Human EGFR-D770del_ins_GY Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0136 Human EGFR-L858R Stable Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RO0137 Human EGFR-L858R/C797S Stable Cell Line – Ba/F3
CSC-RO0664 Human LILRB2 Stable Cell Line – HEK293T
CSC-RO0666 Human LILRB4 Stable Cell Line – HEK293T
CSC-RO0237 Human FLT3 Stable Cell Line – Ba/F3
CSC-RO0349 Human KIT-D816H Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0347 Human KIT-V560G Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0447 Human ERBB2 Stable Cell Line – MC38
CSC-RO0448 Human ERBB2 Stable Cell Line – CT26
CSC-RO0013 Human HAVCR2 Stable Cell Line-CHO-K1
CSC-RO0040 Human TIGIT Stable Cell Line-CHO-K1
CSC-RO0112 Human CD274 Stable Cell Line-HEK293T
CSC-RO0266 Monkey IL3RA (CD123) Stable Cell Line -HEK293T
CSC-RO0269 Human CD40 Stable Cell Line – HEK293T
CSC-RO0044 Human CD40 Stable Cell Line-CHO-K1
CSC-RO0107 Human LAG3 Stable Cell Line-HEK293T
CSC-RO0045 Human CD47 Stable Cell Line-CHO-K1
CSC-RO0200 Monkey CD47 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-RO0199 Mouse Cd47 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-RO0080 Human CD28 Stable Cell Line-HEK293T
CSC-RO0670 Human PDL1KO/PD1 Stable Cell Line – MDA-MB-231
CSC-RO0671 Human PDL1KO/PD1/CD81-GFP Stable Cell Line – MDA-MB-231
CSC-RO0665 Human LILRB2 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-RO0507 Human CLEC12A Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-SC006226 Panoply™ Human GFRAL Over-expressing Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC012672 Panoply™ Human PTGS2 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line – HeLa
CSC-SC004129 Panoply™ Human DDR1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC004130 Panoply™ Human DDR2 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line-Mono
CSC-RO0043 Human CD38 Stable Cell Line-CHO
CSC-SC011839 Panoply™ Human PKD2L1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC016549 Panoply™ Human TREM2 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC015603 Panoply™ Human TAS2R39 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-RO0650 Human GFRAL/RET Stable Cell Line -HEK293
CSC-RO0651 AvFc Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-SC004308-RH Rat Dio1 Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC004309-RH Rat Dio2 Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC004310-RH Rat Dio3 Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC006776-MNH Monkey GUCY2C Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC001396 Panoply™ Human BDH1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line -HEK293
CSC-RO0649 Human HLA-A2 Stable Cell Line – CFBE
CSC-SC000334 Panoply™ Human ADRB2 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC013863 Panoply™ Human SCN11A Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC016689 Panoply™ Human TRPV1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC003877 Panoply™ Human CXCR4 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC006776 Panoply™ Human GUCY2C Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC006160 Panoply™ Human GCGR Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC014594 Panoply™ Human SLC4A1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line, Host: HEK293
CSC-SC014459 Panoply™ Human SLC26A4 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC015861-M1 Mouse Tgfb1 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-SC014652-MH Mouse Slc7a9 Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC002309 Panoply™ Human CALR Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC009493-1 Human MGMT Stable Cell Line – GL261(Glioma 261)
CSC-SC006247-1 Human GHR Stable Cell Line – BaF3
CSC-RO0511 Human OKT3 scFv Stable Cell Line-CHO-K1
CSC-SC000821-1 Human AR Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-RO0602 Human DLL3 Stable Cell Line – CT26
CSC-SC000069-1 Human ABCG2 Stable Cell Line – MDCKII
CSC-RG0010 FSHR Stable Cell Line-HEK293
CSC-RO0672 Human MERTK Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-RO0673 Human MERTK Stable Cell Line – THP1
CSC-SC015898 Panoply™ Human THBD Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC017564 Panoply™ Human XCR1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC003277 Panoply™ Human CLEC9A Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-RG1782 Mouse Xcr1 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-RO0248 Mouse Clec9a Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-SC010841 Panoply™ Human OLR1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line(Mono)
CSC-SC004350 Panoply™ Human DLL3 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line-Mono
CSC-SC015517 Panoply™ Human TAAR1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC003988-1 Human CYP7A1 Stable Cell Line – HeLa
CSC-SC003988-2 Human CYP7A1 Stable Cell Line – HepG2
CSC-SC007374 Panoply™ Human IAPP Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC000765 Panoply™ Human APOA1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC000765-1 Mutant Human APOA1 Stable Cell Line-CHO-K1
CSC-SC010567 Panoply™ Human NPR3 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC011298 Panoply™ Human PAQR7 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC006535 Panoply™ Human GPR146 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line(Mono)
CSC-SC016312 PanoplyTM Human TMPRSS11E Over-expressing Stable Cell Line-MDCK
CSC-SC014484 Panoply™ Human SLC2A2 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC014485 Panoply™ Human SLC2A3 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC003986 Panoply™ Human CYP4Z1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line (Mono)
CSC-SC005174 Panoply™ Human F3 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC003700 Panoply™ Human CSF1R Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC004932 Panoply™ Human ENG Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC005029 Panoply™ Human ERBB3 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC014488 Panoply™ Human SLC2A5 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-SC002744-MON Monkey CD38 Stable Cell Line – CHO-K1
CSC-SC016689-MOU Mouse TRPV1 Stable Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-SC009066 Panoply™ Human MADCAM1 Over-expressing Stable Cell Line
CSC-DC014825 Panoply™ Human SNRPC Knockdown Stable Cell Line
CSC-DC009840 Panoply™ Human MST1 Knockdown Stable Cell Line
CSC-DC004785 Panoply™ Human EHMT2 Knockdown Stable Cell Line
CSC-DC009409 PanoplyTM Human MERTK Knockdown Stable Cell Line -THP-1
CSC-DC000821 Panoply™ Human AR Knockdown Stable Cell Line
CSC-RR0148 GFP Stable Cell Line-U87
CSC-RR0105 GFP Stable Cell Line-BT474
CSC-RR0103 GFP Stable Cell Line-4T1
CSC-RR0224 Luc Reporter Cell Line-4T1
CSC-RR0119 GFP Stable Cell Line-HT29
CSC-RR0451 Luc Reporter Cell Line-HT29
CSC-RR0452 GFP Stable Cell Line – Colon26
CSC-RR0056 GFP Stable Cell Line – MDA-MB-468
CSC-RR0127 GFP Stable Cell Line-Hep3B
CSC-RR0237 Luc Reporter Cell Line-CT26
CSC-RR0318 RFP Reporter Cell Line-MC3T3
CSC-RR0319 GFP Reporter Cell Line-4T1.2
CSC-RR0362 GFP Reporter Cell Line – NALM6
CSC-RR0454 Luciferase Stable Cell Line-MM1.S
CSC-RR0115 GFP Stable Cell Line-Raji
CSC-RR0312 STAT5-Luc Reporter Cell Line-Ba/F3
CSC-RR0251 Luc Reporter Cell Line-A375
CSC-RR0322 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line-MIA PaCa2
CSC-RR0360 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line – NALM6
CSC-RR0320 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line-Raji
CSC-RR0234 Luc Reporter Cell Line-B16F10
CSC-RR0048 GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-MCF-7
CSC-RR0271 GFP Reporter Cell Line-HT1080
CSC-RR0248 GFP Reporter Cell Line-A375
CSC-RR0463 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – MDA-MB 231
CSC-RR0302 HRE-Luc Reporter Cell Line-HeLa
CSC-RR0256 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line-A549
CSC-RR0258 Luc Reporter Cell Line-A549
CSC-RR0272 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line-HT1080
CSC-RR0492 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – HepG2
CSC-RR0464 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – HL60
CSC-RR0274 Luc Reporter Cell Line – HT1080
CSC-RR0506 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – Huh7
CSC-RR0483 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – Huh7
CSC-RR0510 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – HL60
CSC-RR0112 GFP Stable Cell Line – SKOV3
CSC-RR0503 GFP Stable Cell Line – HL60
CSC-RR0340 GFP Reporter Cell Line – Huh7
CSC-RR0125 GFP Stable Cell Line-HepG2
CSC-RR0496 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – Jurkat
CSC-RR0238 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line-CT26
CSC-RR0040 GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-HEK293
CSC-RR0282 GFP Reporter Cell Line – Jurkat
CSC-RR0491 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-RR0041 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – HEK293
CSC-RR0377 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – HeLa
CSC-RR0047 GFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-HeLa
CSC-RR0470 GFP Reporter Cell Line – K562
CSC-RR0374 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line – K562
CSC-RR0375 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – Jurkat
CSC-RR0361 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – NALM6
CSC-RR0379 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – HepG2
CSC-RR0434 GFP Stable Cell Line – MIA PaCa-2
CSC-RR0210 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line-HT29
CSC-RR0225 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line-4T1
CSC-RR0433 GFP Stable Cell Line – Capan-2
CSC-RR0450 GFP Reporter Cell Line-SK-MEL-5
CSC-RR0435 Luciferase Stable Cell Line – Raji
CSC-RR0321 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line-K562
CSC-RR0102 GFP Reporter Cell Line – MDA-MB 231
CSC-RR0052 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – MDA-MB 231
CSC-RR0092 GFP Reporter Cell Line-CT26
CSC-RR0459 GFP Stable Cell Line-MM1.S
CSC-RR0460 Luciferase Stable Cell Line-MM1.S(Pool)
CSC-RR0461 Luciferase Stable Cell Line-Colon26
CSC-RR0462 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – Colon26
CSC-RR0120 GFP Stable Cell Line-HCT116
CSC-RR0266 Luc Reporter Cell Line-HCT116
CSC-RR0436 GFP/RFP Reporter Cell Line – HCT116
CSC-RR0515 EGFP Reporter Cell Line –
CSC-RR0389 NFAT Luciferase Reporter Cell Line-Jurkat
CSC-RR0512 GFP Stable Cell Line – PC9
CSC-RR0513 Luciferase Stable Cell Line – PC9
CSC-RR0514 GFP/Luc Stable Cell Line – PC9
CSC-RR0493 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – HeLa
CSC-RR0330 GFP Reporter Cell Line – B16 BL6
CSC-RR0116 GFP Stable Cell Line-PC-3
CSC-RR0118 GFP Stable Cell Line-LNCAP
CSC-RR0060 GFP/Luciferase Reporter Stable Cell Line-SKOV-3
CSC-RR0516 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – THP-1
CSC-RR0518 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – THP-1
CSC-RR0517 GFP Reporter Cell Line – THP-1
CSC-RR0280 GFP Reporter Cell Line -SKBR3
CSC-RR0525 GFP Reporter Cell Line – LLC
CSC-RR0521 GFP Reporter Cell Line – MC38
CSC-RR0524 DsRedExpress Reporter Cell Line – MC38
CSC-RR0527 DsRedExpress Reporter Cell Line – LLC
CSC-RR0523 ZsYellow1 Reporter Cell Line – MC38
CSC-RR0526 ZsYellow1 Reporter Cell Line – LLC
CSC-RR0529 mCherry Stable Cell Line – A20
CSC-RR0370 Luciferase Reporter Cell Line – A20
CSC-RR0530 GFP Reporter Cell Line – Jeko-1
CSC-RR0532 GFP Stable Cell Line – A20
CSC-RR0066 RFP Reporter Stable Cell Line-HEK293
CSC-RR0465 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – A20
CSC-RR0231 Luc/GFP Reporter Cell Line-B16F10
CSC-RR0484 GFP/Luc Reporter Cell Line – Jeko-1
CSC-RR0109 GFP Stable Cell Line – B16F10
CSC-RR0534 mCherry/Luciferase reporter cell line – A20
CSC-RR0528 ZsYellow1 Stable Cell Line – B16F10


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