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qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go

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qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go kit는 하나의 PCR tube 내에서 cDNA 합성과 real-time PCR이 가능하도록 최적화 시킨 제품입니다.
이 제품은 열에 안정한 modified MMLV reverse transcriptase와 hot start polymerase, dNTPs, buffer, MgCl2를 최적의 조건으로 혼합 한 제품입니다.
본 제품은 sequence specific probe에 적합한 제품으로 모든 real-time PCR 기기에 사용이 가능합니다.


• High efficiency in multiplex reactions
• 열에 안정한 modified MMLV RTase
• 매우 높은 민감도와 특이도
• OneStep qRT-PCR


• Relative gene expression analysis
• TaqMan, Scorpions and molecular beacon probes
• Detection of extremely low copy number targets
• Multiplex or singleplex



Figure 1. High efficiency and broad dynamic range
Shows TaqMan® probe amplification traces of mouse gene ACTB using mouse liver total RNA as template in triplicate. Template concentrations are 10x serial dilutions ranging from 10pg to 1µg total RNA per 20µl reaction. Cycling conditions were 45°C 10min, 95°C 3min, then 45 cycles of 95°C 10s, 60°C 30s. qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go shows high efficiency over a broad dynamic range.

Figure 2. qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go in multiplex
Four mouse housekeeping genes were amplified simultaneously in a single multiplex reaction. 1μg of mouse liver total RNA was used as a template.
Amplification was detected using TaqMan probes in the following gene/probe combinations: B2MG/HEX, ACTB/Cy5, GAPDH/FAM, and ACTG/TexasRed. Cycling conditions were 45°C 10min, 95°C 3min, then 45 cycles of 95°C 10s, 60°C 30s. This demonstrates that the qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go mix can be used to quantify and compare expression levels of multiple genes in a single reaction.


​ 제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
PB25.41-01 qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go Lo-ROX 1 x 1mL PCRBIO Systems
PB25.41-03 3 x 1mL
PB25.42-01 qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go Hi-ROX 1 x 1mL
PB25.42-03 3 x 1mL
PB25.44-01 qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go Separate-ROX, 2x 1 x 1mL
PB25.44-03 3 x 1mL

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