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PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase & Mixes

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CRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase는 합리적인 가격의 PCR enzyme으로 genotying, screening 및 library construciton을 포함한 기본적인 PCR application에 추천하는 제품입니다.
5’→3’ exonuclease 활성을 감소시켜 비특이적 증폭산물의 형성을 효과적으로 저해하는 특징을 가지며,
효소의 촉매반응부위의 유전자 조작을 통하여 GC 비율, AT 비율이 높은 복잡한 template의 증폭에도 효과적입니다.


• Amplification size: < 6 kb
• 오차율: 2.0 x 105
• 5’→3’ exonuclease activity
• 증폭 된 DNA의 3’말단에는 A-tail이 형성
• 안정성: 25℃ – 37℃에서 4주간 안정


• Standard and fast PCR
• Routine PCR
• TA cloning
• Methylated DNA


• -20℃


Figure 1. Shows amplification of a 1.2kb fragment of 60% GC GADPH from human genomic DNA in a 3 fold dilution from left to right.
Starting concentration is 200ng of DNA and is diluted to 0.7pg in the 7th dilution. PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase is able to amplify lower concentration template DNA compared with competitors P and I (rows 2 and 3).


Figure 2. No change in activity is detected in PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase after 28 days at 4°C, 25°C, and 37°C.


제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
PB10.11-05 PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase 500 units PCRBiosystems [1 x 100ul] & [4 x 1mL buffer]
PB10.11-20 PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase 2,000 units PCRBiosystems [4 x 100ul] & [16 x 1mL buffer]
PB10.12-02 PCRBIO Taq Mix 200 x 50 μL Reactions PCRBiosystems 5 x 1mL
PB10.12-10 PCRBIO Taq Mix 1000 x 50 μL Reactions PCRBiosystems 25 x 1m
PB10.13-02 PCRBIO Taq Mix Red 200 x 50 μL Reactions PCRBiosystems 5 x 1mL
PB10.13-10 PCRBIO Taq Mix Red 1000 x 50 μL Reactions PCRBiosystems 25 x 1mL
PB10.13-96 PCRBIO Taq PreMix 96 rxns PCRBiosystems 96 tubes
PB10.13-480 PCRBIO Taq PreMix 480 rxns PCRBiosystems 96 tubes x 5

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PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase

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PCRBIO Taq Mix Red

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