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PCR DIRECT Saliva Extraction Reagent

제품 소개

타액에는 PCR을 억제하는 nucleases, proteases 및 macromolecules가 있습니다.
타액을 액화시키는 이전 방법은 이러한 방해를 줄여 주었지만 민감도가 좋지 않아 병원체 검출에 사용하기에는 충분하지 않았습니다.

PCR DIRECT 추출 시약은 PCR inhibitors를 비활성화하여 최적의 조건으로 RT-PCR test를 수행할 수 있게 합니다.
아래에서 볼 수 있듯이 PCR DIRECT는 다른 제품보다 최대 30% 더 민감한 검출 한계를 보입니다.
이러한 민감도의 향상은 SARS-CoV-2 양성 환자의 바이러스 양을 기준으로 잘못된 진단을 33% 이상 줄일 수 있게 해줍니다.

PCR DIRECT Extracting Transport Medium(ETM)과 함께 사용하면, 채취시점에 바이러스를 비활성화 하고 숙주 핵산(DNA 및 RNA)의 추출 안정성을 도모할 수 있습니다.


침 뱉기 방식으로 갓 채취한 타액에는 점성이 있고 필라멘트가 있으며 튜브의 측면에 들러 붙게 됩니다.
이는 부정확한 피펫팅, 오염 위험 증가로 인해  메뉴얼로 처리해야 하지만,  PCR DIRECT를 첨가한 후에는 저점도 유체로 변하여 자동화된 피펫팅이 가능해집니다.

• 직접적인 추출 방법 중 가장 높은 민감도 (>30%)
• Liquified saliva enables automation
• 1-pipette 프로토콜로 시간, 소모품,비용 절감
• 무해하고 안정한 시약


UFL121 UFL125
Sample type Saliva Saliva
Sample input volume 100 µl 100 µl
Reaction time 1-minute hands-on 1-minute hands-on
No. of reactions 50 500
Storage Store at room temperature, do not freeze Store at room temperature, do not freeze
Shipping conditions Room temperature Room temperature


Standard Protocol

Collect saliva samples according to laboratory procedure, in dry tubes without transport media.
For best results, we recommend freezing samples while in storage prior to processing.

1. Add 100 µl of sample to a 1.5ml low binding microtube
2. Add 231µl of PCR DIRECT ER1 to the sample with the same pipette, mix ten (10) times
3. Heat sample for five (5) minutes at 70°C (Optional)
4. Sample is ready for downstream molecular analysis or processing

Note: Inadequate mixing in step 2 will result in lower sensitivity. Mixing by pipetting is preferred

Nucleic acid yield and processing efficiency may vary depending on the virus extracted.
Samples prepared with the PCR DIRECT ER1 should be used in the intended downstream processes within 4 hours of preparation or frozen if intended for use within 24 hours.
Freeze-thaw cycles after adding PCR DIRECT ER1 should be limited to 2 or fewer.
For longer-term storage of RNA, we recommend the addition of an RNase inhibitor in the amount recommended by the manufacturer to ensure long-term stability.
PCR DIRECT Saliva Extraction Reagent is applied in the lab.

This protocol may be adjusted for larger sample volumes by scaling the volume of PCR DIRECT ER1 in proportion to the increase in the sample volume.

To combine the advantages of Saliva Extraction Reagent with viral inactivation and transport at point of collection, see PCR DIRECT Extracting Transport Medium

PCR Direct Guide to Product Selection

Arcis PCR DIRECT® Product Swab Extraction Reagent Saliva Extraction Reagent Extracting Transport Medium
For use in the Lab O O
For use at the point of collection* O
Extract nucleic acids from dry samples. Avoid the need for media O O
Simplify protocol:
no incubation, no capture, and concentration save time and money
Reduce viscosity of samples, enable automation O O O
Achieve higher sensitivity compared to other direct methods O O O
Avoid guanidinium & hazardous waste O O O
Achieve greatest possible safety through earliest inactivation O
Sequesters RNases O O O
Sample Type Swab Saliva Swab/Saliva

*Apply specified volume to sample with dropper or pre-aliquot into a collection device.


​ 제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
UFL121 PCR DIRECT Saliva Extraction Reagent (50 Preps) 50 rxns Arcis Biotechnology
UFL125 PCR DIRECT Saliva Extraction Reagent (500 Preps) 500 runs Arcis Biotechnology


제품 자료
제품 MSDS MSDS-Arcis-Virus-Sample-Prep-Reagent.pdf  Upload date: 2022.02.23
제품 매뉴얼 PCR-DIRECT-UFL121-v4.pdf
Upload date: 2022.02.23