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Magnetic Beads

제품 소개

GenScript는 항체와 epitope-tagged proteins의 빠르고 효율적인 purification이 가능하도록 super paramagnetic MagBeads를 제공합니다.
GenScript MagBeads는 항체와 epitope-tagged proteins에 대한 매우 특이적인 친화성을 가지게 하는 recombinant protein ligands로 코팅되어 있습니다.
magnetic protein purification method 는 세포분해효소로부터 직접 단백질 purification이 가능하기 때문에 원심분리 단계가 필요 없습니다.
GenScript MagBeads는 높은 binding capacity, binding specificity 및 즉각적인 반응성을 보이므로 많은 샘플을 빠른 시간에 처리하길 원하는 application에 매우 이상적인 제품입니다.

제품 특징

• 빠르고 쉽고 편리한 자성 분리
• 높은 바인딩 능력
• 일관된 품질의 비드 사용으로 인한 재현성 있는 결과
• protein degradation  최소화


• Antibody purification
• Purification of tagged proteins e.g. 6x His, GST, biotin etc.
• High throughput protein and antibody purification

Selection guide

Application Product Technology Binding capacity Size Cat.No.
Purification of antibodies from small and large scale cultures Protein A MagBeads Antibody capture through recombinant protein A or protein G >10 mg rabbit IgG/ml settled beads 4 ml L00273
Protein A MagBeads MX >30 mg human IgG /ml settled beads 4 ml L00672
Protein G MagBeads > 10 mg goat IgG/ml settled beads 2 ml L00274
Protein G MagBeads MX > 25 mg Human IgG per 1 ml settled beads 4 ml L00673
Protein A/G MagBeads > 10 mg goat IgG/ml settled beads 2 ml L00277
Alkaline stable antibody purification AmMag™ Protein A Magnetic Beads Antibody capture through alkaline- tolerant recombinant protein A > 40 mg human IgG per 1 ml settled beads 4 ml L00695
Purification of His-tagged proteins Ni-charged MagBeads His-tagged protein capture through pre-charged nickel ion 5 – 20 mg 6×His-tagged protein (27 kD)/ml settled beads 8 ml L00295
AmMag™ Ni Magnetic Beads His-tagged protein capture through nickel-charged TED ligand. EDTA and DTT resistant. In absence of chelators, reusable over 100 times > 10 mg 6x His-tagged protein/ml settled beads 4 ml L00776-4
40 ml L00776-40
400 ml L00776-400
Purification of GST-tagged proteins Glutathione MagBeads GST fusion protein capture through reduced glutathione 20 – 30 mg GST/ml settled beads 8 ml L00327
Purification of biotinylated molecules Streptavidin MagBeads Biotinylated molecule capture through pre-coupled streptavidin > 60 nmol free biotin /ml settled beads 2 ml L00424
* Each size includes 75% Storage Buffer.


Protein A, G and A/G MagBeads

​ 제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
L00273 Protein A MagBeads 4 ml GenScript
L00672-4 Protein A MagBeads MX 4 ml GenScript
L00274 Protein G MagBeads 2 ml GenScript
L00673-4 Protein G MagBeads MX 4 ml GenScript
L00277 Protein A/G MagBeads  2 ml GenScript
L00695-4 AmMag™ Protein A Magnetic Beads 4 ml GenScript

Tagged Protein Purification MagBeads

​제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
L00295 Ni-charged MagBeads 8 ml GenScript
L00776-400 AmMag™ Ni Magnetic beads  400 ml GenScript
L00776-40 AmMag™ Ni Magnetic beads  40 ml GenScript
L00776-4 AmMag™ Ni Magnetic beads  4 ml GenScript
L00327 Glutathione MagBeads 8 ml GenScript
L00424 Streptavidin MagBeads 2 ml GenScript
L00835-5 MonoRab™ Anti-DYKDDDDK Magnetic Beads 5 ml GenScript
L00835-25 MonoRab™ Anti-DYKDDDDK Magnetic Beads 25 ml GenScript
L00835-1 MonoRab™ Anti-DYKDDDDK Magnetic Beads 1 ml GenScript

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