Project Description

DH100 & DH200 & DH300 & DC10 Dry Bath Incubator

제품 소개

마이크로 컴퓨터에 의해 제어되는 DH dry bath incubator 시리즈는 water bath 대신에 고순도 알루미늄을 열 전도 매체로 사용합니다.
사용이 정말 간편한 이 제품은 넓은 온도 범위와 높은 정밀도를 보이며 샘플 보존, DNA 증폭, 전기영동, 변성, 고형화 및 혈청 생화학 시료 항온 보온 등에 널리 사용될 수 있습니다

제품 특징


• 실시간 온도 표시, 카운트 다운 표시
• 편리한 블록 교체, 세척 및 소독
• 자동 고장 감지 및 알람 기능
• 온도 보호 장치 내장
• 온도 편차 교정 기능


• LCD display, simple interface. Easy to set up and use.
• Blue transparent lid prevents samples from splashing out.
• Fast and uniform heating speed, accurate temperature control, high stability.
•With four groups(A/B/C/D), each group timing individually.
•Optional blocks are available for common laboratory tubes and plates.
Custom blocks are also available upon request.
•Automatic preheating function.
•Auto resume to run after power failure.
•Automatic running function.

DH300 & DC10

• Energy-efficient Peltier design.
• Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.
• Electronic calibration. Users can reset to any local standard.
• Small, compact size uses very little bench space.
• Easy replacement, cleaning, and disinfecting of metal blocks.
• Built-in over-temperature protection.
• Internal power supply provided is UL, CSA and CE approved.
• Customed modules are accepted.
• Buzzer alarm when temperature control ends.


Description DH100-1 DH100-2 DH100-4 DH200 DH300 DC10
Temperature range RT.+5°C~160°C RT.+5°C~160°C RT.+5°C~130°C  RT+5℃~110℃ RT+5℃~100℃ RT- 30℃~100℃
Temp accuracy ±0.5℃(at 40℃) ±0.5℃(at 40℃) ±0.5℃(at 40℃) ≤±0.3℃ @37℃ ≤±0.3℃ @37℃ ≤±0.3℃ @37℃
Temp uniformity ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ≤±0.3℃ @37℃* ≤±0.3℃ @37℃ ≤±0.3℃ @37℃
Display accuracy 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃
Time range 1-99h59min/∞ 1-99h59min/∞ 1-99h59min/∞ 1-99h59min/∞ 1-99h59min/∞ 1-99h59min/∞
Heating time ≤15min(from 25℃ to 160℃) ≤15min(from 25℃ to 160℃) ≤20min(from25℃ to 130℃) ≤15min(from 25℃ to 110℃) ≤12min(from 25℃ to 100℃) ≤10min(25℃~100℃)
Cooling time ≤10min(100℃ ~25℃)
Storage at 4℃ Yes
Multi points running Yes(Max 5 points)  Yes(Max 5 points)
Multi-cycle Yes(Max 99 times) Yes(Max 99 times)
Auto running Yes Yes Yes
Auto resume to run Yes Yes Yes
Block quantity 1 2 4 4 1 1
Max power 300W 500W 600W 500W 150W 150W
Voltage AC220V, 50/60Hz AC220V, 50/60Hz AC220V, 50/60Hz AC220V, 50/60Hz AC220V, 50/60Hz AC220V, 50/60Hz
Size 260 x 220 x 100mm 260 x 220 x 100mm 360 x 220 x 100mm 370x254x228 260x195x150 260x195x150
Weight 5.0kg 5.5Kg 8.0kg 8.0kg 2.5Kg 4.5Kg


제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
DH100 DH100 Dry Bath Incubator Set Ruicheng 1/2/4 Block
Heating block
DH200 DH200 Dry Bath Incubator Set Ruicheng Heating block
DH300 DH300 Dry Bath Incubator Set Ruicheng Heating block
DC10 DC10 Dry Bath Incubator Set Ruicheng Heating block
Cooling block

Optional block

Description DH100 & DH200 Tube quantity
MD01 6mm 48
MD02 7mm 48
MD03 10mm 24
MD04 12mm 24
MD05 13mm 24
MD06 15mm 16
MD07 16mm 16
MD08 19mm 12
MD09 20mm 12
MD10 26mm 8
MD11 28mm 4
MD12 40mm 3
MD13 0.2ml centrifuge tube 48
MD14 0.5ml centrifuge tube 48
MD15 1.5ml centrifuge tube 24
MD16 2.0ml centrifuge tube 24
MD17* 0.2ml standard plate 96, * MD17 block is only used for DH100-2,DH100-4, DH200
MD18*  0.2ml Elisa plate 96, * MD18 block is only used for DH100-2,DH100-4, DH200
Description DH300 & DC10 Tube quantity
MD30 0.2ml PCR plate 96
MD31 0.5ml centrifuge tube 54
MD32 1.5ml centrifuge tube 35
MD33 2.0ml centrifuge tube 35
MD34 1.5ml+15×0.5ml 20
MD35 0.2ml elisa plate 96
MD36 5ml centrifuge tube 24
MD37 10ml centrifuge tube 15
MD38 15ml centrifuge tube 12
MD39 50ml centrifuge tube 6


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제품 자료 DH100-4 flyer.pdf Download Size: 448KB
제품자료 DH200 flyer.pdf Download Size: 281KB
제품 자료 DH300 flyer.pdf Download Size: 486KB
제품자료 DC10 flyer.pdf Download Size: 498KB