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Claro Fasta DNA prep kit

제품 소개

Claro Fasta DNA prep kit는 단 2개의 tube만으로 DNA를 3분만에 추출할 수 있는 제품입니다.
타사의 spin column 방식과 달리 heat block/centrifuge등의 별도 장비가 필요 없으며 간단한 step만으로 우수한 품질의 핵산 추출이 가능합니다.
특히 적은 input volume 만으로도 DNA 추출이 가능하기 때문에 희귀한 sample로 실험을 진행하시는 분들에게 용이한 제품입니다.


• 2 step으로 간단한 실험과정
• 별도의 장비가 필요 없음
• Human (blood, urine, sputum, buccal swabs, hair follicle), Bacteria, virus 가능
• 추출된 DNA는 상온에서 90일 동안 안정


• Human Samples: including whole blood (fresh/frozen, with and without heparin or EDTA), plasma, urine, and buccal swabs
• Microbiological samples: including bacteria (E.coli, S.aureus, P.aeruginosa, K. pneumonia), viruses(HBV/HCV), and parasites (plasmodium)
• Tissue: including plant and mouse

• 현장 진단 (field-based diagnostcs) 및 통합 샘플처리 workflow 환경 및 인근환자테스트
• 법의학적 분석
• 수의연구
• 게놈 및 바이오마커 분석


•2℃ ~ 28℃

Tube 1: Opens up cells and releases nucleic acids in less than 1 minute. At this point, the DNA is released and protected by the solution, but is not in a usable state. DNA will be stable for 2 weeks

Tube 2: Binds inhibitor and enhances PCR while also relaxing the DNA into a usable confirmation.

Relaxation of DNA: The Claro DNA Sample Prep system consists of 2-steps. In the first step, the sample is combined with a chemical which results in powerful and controlled lysis of cells and tissue. The first step also simultaneously chelates the nucleic acid and stabilizes the DNA/RNA for at least 30 days at room temperature. The critical second step contains a propitiatory buffer which removes the nucleic acid chelation and relaxes the DNA/RNA in preparation for PCR. The proprietary buffer has also been formulated to mop up any PCR inhibitors that may have been carried over from the first step.

Validation Data: The Claro DNA Sample Prep Kits require no instrumentation and take less than three minutes from start to finish. But the comparator kits all require instrumentation such as centrifugation and heating, the processing times range from 20 minutes to 4 hours. The total DNA extracted from each kit was assessed using the Qubit System. The P kit yielded the most DNA however results were found to be highly variable. Large amounts of DNA were extracted from some of the isolates but this was not consistent. This is also the most labor-intensive and time-consuming kit. The Claro kit was comparable to the Q kit but DNA is obtained in 3 minutes compared to 60 minutes for the Q system.


​ 제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
HQM0001 Claro Sample Prep Kit 50 rxns BioD Lysis buffer & Washing buffer
HQM10.11-48 (이전 분류번호)


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