Project Description

AIamp Arcus96 Real-time PCR

제품 소개

AIamp Arcus96은 연구자의 실험목적에 맞게 Preset Stage를 통한 편리한 PCR Configuration Setting 이 가능한 이상적인 Real-time PCR 기기입니다.
10.4인치 빌트인 컬러 터치스크린을 통해 쉽게 컨트롤이 가능하며, 독립적 온도 제어 기술로 높은 반복성을 갖는 최적화된 PCR을 실현해 줍니다.

제품 특징

• 10.4인치 컬러 터치스크린
• 전면 샘플 로딩
• Concealed Hot Lid: 운영 안전성 도모
•단전 보호 기능
•한 대의 PC에 Arcus96 System 10대를 동시에 연결후 원격 제어 가능
•LIS system: 병원 LIS system에 연동 가능
• Touchdown step, long step, gradient step, melting step tot PCR Step Mode

Excitation Light Source: LED / Detection System: photodiode
Preset Stage를 통한 편리한 PCR Configuration Setting


Fluorescence Channels 6
Sample Throughput 96
Compatible Fluorophores C1: FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO 9, EvaGreen, LC Green.
C3: ROX, Texas Red.
C4: Cy5.
C5: Alexa Fluor 680.
C6: FRET  or TAMRA, Cy3, NED)
Lightsource High-brightness, long-life, maintenance-free LED light source
Detector and Detection Position photodiodes(PDs), excitation, and scan at the top
Detection Duration Detection of 96 wells of all channels completed in 7s.
Temperature Uniformity ±0.1℃
Temperature Accuracy ≤±0.1℃
Special Temperature Setting Function Support PCR assays of up to 12 thermal gradients, Long PCR, and Touch Down PCR.
Sample Linearity & Repeatability Linearity: /r/≥0.999
Repeatability: cycle threshold (Ct) value CV≤0.5%
Control Method Stand-alone operation: 10.4-inch touchscreen control
Network operation: PC software control via direct connection or LAN (local area network)
Suitable Consumables 0.2 mL 96-well plate, 8-tube strips, single-tube strips (transparent, matte, and creamy)
Power Failure Protection Automatic recovery of the experiment and other functions when the power is on again after cutting off, without waiting for the power-on of the computer or software control.
Data Storage > 1000 experimental data for stand-alone operation
Customized Reporting Lab report templates of various industries pre-stored
Open and universal reporting function, user-definable report content and form
LIS Functions Open data port, synchronized interconnection with LIS system
Size and Weight 355mm x 475mm x 484mm (W*D*H), 30kg
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz 900 VA


​제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
AIamp Arcus96 Real-time PCR 96 well (6ch, with gradient) unit AIGENE


제품 자료 ARCUS96-flyer-min.pdf Upload date: 2023.01.25