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Arcis Sample Prep Kit

제품 소개

Arcis sample prep kits는 단 2개의 tube만으로 DNA를 3분만에 추출할 수 있는 제품입니다.
heating 과정이 필요없이 간단한 step만으로 우수한 품질의 핵산 추출이 가능합니다.


• 간단한 2단계 프로토콜로 비용과 시간 절약
• 샘플 준비에서 검출까지 3분 이내 처리
• 원심분리, 가열 및 별도의 효소 처리 가 필요 없음
• 무해한 화학물질


• Biothreat detection in austere environments
• Laboratory-free situations including field-based diagnostics, near-patient testing, and integrated sample-processing workflows
• Forensic Analysis
• Veterinary research
• Genomics and biomarker analysis
• Next Generation Sequencing


UFL002 UFL009
Sample type Cells (animal, plant, or bacterial) Cells (animal, plant, or bacterial)
Sample input volume Varies Varies
Reaction time Varies Varies
No. of reactions 50 500
Storage Store at room temperature, do not freeze Store at room temperature, do not freeze
Shipping conditions Room temperature Room temperature


Standard Protocol

1. If samples are frozen ensure that they have thawed completely before starting this procedure.
Add 90μl of sample to 150μl of Reagent 1 (or scale up for larger sample volume).
Mix thoroughly using a pipette or vortex mixing.

2. Incubate for one minute at room temperature.
At this point, DNA is stabilized for 90 days and RNA is stabilized for up to 7 days at room temperature, provided there is no further processing.

3. Take 5μl of the above-lysed mixture and combine it with 20μl of Reagent 2 (or scale up for larger sample volumes maintaining the 1:4 ratio).
Once processed with Reagent 2, samples should be used within 4 hours or frozen at -20 ̊C.

4. Add appropriate volume into PCR master mix (e.g. 5μl per 25μl reaction) or continue directly to other downstream techniques.

Dilute Sample Protocol

1. When handling very dilute samples such as saliva the ratio of sample to Arcis Reagent 1 can be increased to 1:1 to avoid further dilution (90μl of sample to 90μl of Reagent 1).

2. Samples that have been processed as in step 1 of the standard protocol can be added to Reagent 2 at 1:3, 1:2, or 1:1 ratio to reduce sample dilution.
See Table.

Extract from lysis reaction (μl) Reagent 2 (μl) Ratio
5 15 1:3
10 20 1:2
20 20 1:1


​ 제품번호 품명 규격 제조사 비고
UFL002 Arcis Sample Prep Kit  (50 reactions) 50 rxns Arcis Biotechnology
UFL009 Arcis Sample Prep Kit  (500 reactions) 500 rxns Arcis Biotechnology


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제품 MSDS MSDS-Arcis-Virus-Sample-Prep-Reagent.pdf  Upload date: 2022.02.03
제품 매뉴얼 Arcis-Sample-Prep-UFL002.pdf
Upload date: 2022.02.03