QC steps in NGS workflow performed with Qsep Series Instruments

2022-09-27 18:24
QC steps in NGS workflow performed with Qsep Series Instruments

NGS 워크플로우에서 가장 중요한 것은 DNA 단편의 크기와 품질을 모니터링하여 라이브러리의 무결성을 검증하는 것입니다.
완전 자동화된 Qsep Bio-Fragment Analyzers는 단편화된 DNA/RNA의 Integrity Test는 물론 선택된 fragment Library의 Size Control과 PCR Amplified Library의 유효성 검사에도 훌륭한 도구로 사용될 수 있습니다.

Genomic DNA (gDNA) Integrity Check
Purpose: intact and degraded gDNA 구별
Method: DNA Quality Number (DQN) 분석
Cartridge: Kilobase Cartridge (S3)
High Sensitivity Kilo Base Cartridge (N3)
Total RNA Quality Control
Purpose: RNA sample 의 품질 결정
Method: RNA Quality Number (RQN) 분석
Cartridge: RI (C105110) & NRI (C105111)
Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Quality Control
Purpose: cfDNA의 품질 분석
Method: cfDNA의 size와 purity 측정
Cartridge: High Sensitivity Cartridge (N1)
Fragmented and Library Sample Validation
Cartridge: Quantitative Kit (C105201-Q)
Purpose: fragment library 검증
Method: library의 크기와 농도 분석

Qsep Series DNA/RNA Fragments Analyzers

Qsep1 Qsep1-Plus Qsep100 Qsep400
System Type 1 Channel Portable System 1 Channel Portable System 1 Channel Standard System 4 Channel System
Automated Sampling 1~8 samples 1~16 samples 1~96 samples 4~96 samples
Rapid Analysis 2~7 min/ sample 2~7 min/ sample 1~7 min/ sample 1~7 min/ sample
Connection Wifi/ Ethernet Cable Wifi/ Ethernet Cable USB USB
Dimension 24x21x30cm, 5.5kg 24x 21x 30cm, 5.5kg 38x30x40cm, 15kg 54x40x36cm, 26kg

Cartridge Selection Guide
Cartridge Standard
High Resolution
Kilo Base
High Sensitivity
High Sensitivity
Kilo Base 
High Sensitivity RNA
Sample size range 10-15,000 bp 10-15,000 bp 10-23,000 bp 10-15,000 bp 10-50,000 bp 20~6,000 nt 20~6,000 nt
L.O.D. 0.1 ng/μl 0.1 ng/μl 0.1 ng/μl 5pg/μl 20 pg/µL
1 pg/µL in water
5pg/μl 1ng/µL
0.2ng/µL in water*
Resolution 4-10bp 1-4bp 10-50bp ≥10 bp 4~10bp N/A N/A
Analysis Time (per sample) 2-3min 2-3min 5-8min 3-5min 9~25 min
3 min (below 1 kb)
5-10min 5~8 min
키트 구성품: Alignment marker, Separation buffer, Dilution buffer, Mineral oil, buffer tray, PCR vial, and dropper.

Routine Applications

• PCR Product Screening
• Genotyping
• Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) QC
• Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP)
• Oligonucleotides Analysis
• Genomic DNA Analysis
• Plasmid Purification & Vector Cloning Analysis
• RNA Analysis
• Protein Profiling (fluorescence detection)

Specific Applications

• CRISPR technology
• cfDNA (Circulating Cell-Free DNA)
• Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
• Glycan analysis (N-Glycan)
• Immuno Assay: Ag and Ab Reaction
• Genetic profiling /disease screening
• Pathogen detection/typing (HBV, HCV, HPV, TB, AIV, STD etc.)
• Agriculture product detection (GMO, 한우판정, 식물품종 판별)
• Food Safety analysis
• SNP screening
• Microsatellite test (STR, SSR, MSI)

제품 상세정보 보러가기

• Qsep1 DNA Fragment Analyzer
• Qsep1 plus DNA Fragment Analyzer
• Qsep100 DNA Fragment Analyzer
• Qsep400 DNA Fragment Analyzer
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